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11 - 11 - 2016

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Sensual R&B artist 11:11 debuts highly anticipated project 11/11, today on November 11th just in time.

The 4-track EP hits the spot for the Fall season. The Toronto native brings a sultry teaser to give fans a glimpse of him.

With a co-sign from R&B giant Eric Bellinger, the new artist has about 30k listeners on his soundcloud page and is not a stranger to expressing his tones.

As the trap soul sound progresses, many Canadian artists are finding their lane through-out the genre.


“Lock Down” sets the vibe for the EP, the intro starts off with a piano melody and a truth “I love the way, I love to stay but I got things to do.”

“You been wilding tryna take my time, I’ll give my time to you, cause you’re worth it.”

In the midst of cuffing season, the R&B singer, expresses, he’s gonna “lock his love interest down.”

Wanna Do

The second track on the EP, continues the same trap groove vibes.  

 11:11 is a smooth mix between Yo Trane and K.Forest.

The instrumental of “Wanna Do” blends hi-hats and hip-hop drums well. The song possesses a sound to keep listeners involved.


I Know (Interlude)

Interludes of any R&B project, must showcase the best of the album. Which in fact, “I Know” does well. This track is slow and sexual.

11:11 pays homage to Joe’s “Stutter” in the track. The interlude is a vital addition to the short project.

11:11 displays addictive melodies towards the end of the interlude.

Proposal (Lets Get Married)

The outro track is nothing short of seductive. Through this EP, 11:11 showcases his strong points; lyrics, great beats and harmonies.

“Proposal” is exactly what it sounds like. 11:11 asking his lover to get married.

Let me take your hand

Let me be your man

Let’s get married

Each track on 11/11 is short but packed with wavy vibes.

Leaves you wanting a full-length from the budding artist.

Listen to 11/11 on Apple Music

11:11 is on Twitter and Instagram


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