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12 - 07 - 2017

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Kaiit’s recently released track, 2000 n Somethin, uses jazzy R&B sounds to create a nostalgic vibe concurrent with its lyrical message.

Kaiit’s voice is deeply soulful, with a certain pressure to it. It almost sounds like a graduated Corinne Bailey Rae. It’s sweet and feminine in nature but has a deepness, a heaviness, to it. Her sound hangs there in the deepness, meditative as we sink deeper into the sound. Additionally, Kaiit scats on 2000 n Somethin, which gives it a new age jazz vibe. The scats are mixed in with harmonic instrumentals. There’s a beautiful simplicity to the instrumentals, a consistent melodic piano provides the perfect airy foundation for her powerful vocals to shine. Kaiit has her own particular style. She is fully immersed in the new wave of jazz and soul sounds that take influence from the past, as with scatting, while using modern sound production to create something entirely new. 

2000 n Somethin is Kaiit’s second big release. Her last track, Natural Woman, riffs off of the classic Aretha Franklin song. She brings that powerful, feminine energy Franklin created and brings her own unique style to it. She melds R&B and rap, illustrating her stylistic virtuosity. 2000 n Somethin is no different. Though a more relaxed track, it lets the beauty of Kaiit’s voice take hold. Kaiit also shares her personal meditations through the track. She said of it, “I was feeling like I wasn’t born at the right time after trying to fit in social situations,” she continues, “I couldn’t relate to the culture and that people were evidently not good for my wellbeing, influencing me negatively.” That message is clear as she sings, “Where you at 1962?”. Kaiit’s sound and message are nostalgic for a time long before her, yet her creation of this track brings the past to the present.

The track also comes with a very cool video. Check it out here:

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