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12 - 09 - 2016

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Top Dawg’s very own and Black-Hippy’s  beloved Ab-Soul returns with his 4th studio album.

The Carson, California Native released Do What Thou Wilt yesterday and proves nothing much has changed.

DWTW is classic Ab-Soul, smoked out, psychedelic, and loyal to the West all throughout the 16 track project.

Personally, my favorite tracks are Track 3- Huey Knew, Track 6-Invocation, Track 7-Wifey vs Wifi, and Track 16-YMF.

On DWTW, Soul shares his contradictions and thoughts on the future.

On Track 3: “Huey Knew’ featuring Dash, the track named after Black Panther Huey Newton, Soul predicts what is to come in the racially divided country, just as his West Coast Brethren Kendrick and N.W.A.

“You telling white lies when I black out, bucket of black paint in front of the white house” is the lines he spits on Huey Knew, Soul continues to speak his thoughts.

On Invocation, Ab-Soul finds himself getting personal, sharing his thoughts on the world, the changing world, and looking deep within himself living the life he lives.

“My cautious conscious give me nightmares, I’m an immortal man on healthcare”

finds Ab-Soul speaking about the way he is living and being conscious on his mistakes.

Track 7, ‘Wifey vs Wifi’ is my favorite because Ab-Soul compares his generations addiction to technology to the failed communication skills that have come to represent it.

“She just bitching because I missed her face-time, its wifey or wi-fi, hits it on the head. We’ve become to addicted to technology, and Ab-Soul has had a personal experience with this.

Production on DWTW is dope. It does not get a lot of praise, but Top Dawg’s production is what makes the artists on its roster great.

ASAP Mob, HAZE, DJ FU, and Dave Free of Digi-Phonics all produced the album, with Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith executive produced ‘Do What Thou Wilt.’


It’s been 2 years since Ab-Soul released an album, but he shows that he hasn’t changed, and while his Black Hippy contemporaries have all gone on to release albums and further solidify their reputations, Soul has been the most quietest.

It’s not that he quit, but that album’s of this quality take time. With Kendrick, Jay Rock, and Schoolboy Q coming into artist in their own right, there is a reason Ab-Soul has been quite.

And that’s what makes Ab-Soul one of the best in not only TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment), but West Coast Hip Hop in general.

He waits for the moment, then hits you with a classic. Just like with Black Hippy, Soul comes from no-where but shocks you with a hot verse, and that’s what he has done with DWTW.

Take a listen to Do What Thou Wilt and be on the lookout for him on tour.

Thank you Ab-Soul and TDE.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all