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09 - 29 - 2016

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A young artist, making her way to the top, Abi Ocia debuts another golden track “Running” via SoundCloud days ago.

Humble Beginnings

Based in West London, this artist started her artistic journey in the church. Since then she has truly begun to hone in on her skills as a singer and songwriter, trying to challenge herself with every song. She has written many tracks of her own and has also had the pleasure of recently being featured on a track by producer Draper entitled “Home.”

The artist truly showed her musical talents with this track “Running.” The song is so warm and slightly gentle with a little kick produced by the instrumental backing. The young artist states that she wanted to “explore an inner dialog with [herself], following a journey of seeking out something greater than what [I] am used to, even if it means purging [myself] of things that [I] hold dear.” This track was also co-produced with Draper and Mkulu and the duo has definitely made sure that it is Abi who is the one that you think of even when the track stops playing.


The Breakdown

At first glance, I didn’t really know what to expect when I saw that #alternative. But let me tell you how she just kind of blew me away on the very first note.

The song starts off with like symphonic keys that are just perfect preparation for the vocals that follow it. The moment I heard her ad-lib right before her “keep your secrets from me” I was like oh my lord.

I came in with no real idea of what to expect when the track began, but as soon as she started I couldn’t wait to hear what else she was going to do on this golden track.

As the track progresses, she kind of runs through high energy parts with the verses and then moves back to a softer feel on the chorus. Now reading it, it may sound crazy, but that tempo picks up around “show me the way your moving.” After that, the drums begin to roll around behind the vocals and it all comes together so effortlessly. Then the drums begin to fade and your back to the soft keys. At this point, you just don’t know what to do but let the track continue to serenade you.

Her vocals make me feel so many emotions. The young artist has the vocals of a songstress who has seen some things. She has this like soft power behind every note, and so much control. Her notes literally just glide along riding the waves of the keys that are a constant through the track.

She definitely stole my heart with this one and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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