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07 - 29 - 2016

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On July 7, ABIR, a Moroccan born singer from Virginia but currently living in New York, dropped her latest single “Girls.” The song has been featured on Spotify’s “Alternative R&B” playlist, and in 2014 was the featured artist on rapper Fabolous’ song “Young OG II” from his album “The Young OG Project.”

“Girls” starts off with a soft echoing synth beat accompanied before ABIR clears her throat and begins an opening run. The synth beat is joined by a dominant drumbeat as ABIR begins her first verse. Her voice is beautiful: smoky and deep, but with a light soprano quality to it; it naturally lilts and breaks, adding a real quality to her singing.

The beat is nice and comfortable, noticeable but also a side note to the main show of “Girls:” ABIR’s vocals and lyrics. Lyrically, the song is about the competitive nature of our society. Through her lyrics ABIR introduces to two separate groups: one group made up of the titular girls, and another group of boys. As ABIR explains, both groups are focusing on the unimportant, more materialistic aspects of their lives. The song’s characters have no aspirations, no goals, thinking that who they associate with – socially and romantically – and what they wear is the pinnacle of who they are.

ABIR proudly (and rightly) proclaims that these discussions mean nothing, and that the groups in her song are focusing on the wrong things and ignore her more important message out of denial and fright: she solidly sing “I’m just saying what they all seem to fear.”

“Girls” is an anthem for all those who’ve been put down by peers for having a set track they want to follow; for those who’ve ignored the mainstream habit of complaining about everything and actually focusing on the important. ABIR does a fantastic and amazingly crafted job of doing this, and judging by the exposure she’s been receiving of late, we’ll be hearing more from her in the future.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all