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09 - 04 - 2016

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A.Bobbit, aka Ashley Brazil, is an aspiring rapper from Columbus, GA.

Bobbit has mastered the technique of creating catchy and motivational hits which is why we see her prospering with longevity if continued.

The snippets she released feature three songs; “Work”, “D.Rose”, and “Hold Me Down.”

What these 3 tracks have in common is there is a “feel” available for each type of listener.

You get your dose of club track with “Work”, a trap-infused work-out smash with Bobbit flexing her “fall-back game” in “D.Rose”.

Last but not least we’re served a much more slowed-down up-tempo vibe with “Hold Me Down.”

A.Bobbit is gifted with the versatility needed to stand out in the game especially with her being a woman who raps and sings.

The self-driven artist has a deep love for music and her goal is to be an uplifting inspiration that promotes women empowerment.

Bobbit feels there are numerous songs in rotation on the radio that degrades women by demeaning their worth and intellect.

What makes her stand apart from other artists is her “creativity” and “raw talent.”

Everything she raps about stems from her real life experiences and what she’s witnessed others close to her go through.

Bobbit writes all her music and is currently pushing her strip-club anthem “Work” off the project “Far From Nursery” which you can listen to below.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all