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01 - 05 - 2018

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The LA-based singer-songwriter Aeriel, is about to make her mark with her debut project ‘Sad Girls Club’. The artist partnered up with producers Corey Michael and Godflow to curate the sultriest, raw-est, most relatable 5 track EP.

Throughout her entire project, Aeriel tells stories about the things she has experienced. For instance, on “Be Down” the artist expresses how she is afraid to take a chance on love while battling this desire to “be down” despite her worries.

The track “1000” has to be the most relatable of the lot (in my opinion of course), this story is one that a lot of people can say that they have experienced before, whether they admit it or not. “Wrapped up in paranoia, every action is a reaction to what you may or may not be doing,” trying to figure out whether or not she is crazy for what she is thinking. Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there, she is just saying what we have always been thinking.

“Selfish” has to be my favorite track, hands down, it perfectly explains my current sentiments. Aeriel starts off the track with “try to get me to accept things that you never would if I did them to you,” like YES COME FOR NECKS WITH THIS LINE! She really tells the story of where I am in my current situation, finding how important it is to protect your head in lieu of other peoples feelings. She knows exactly how to explain all the things I don’t know how. “Gotta be more selfish baby” ain’t that the truth.

Between her extremely relevant lyrics, and her high hitting vocals, Aeriel is everything you need for the ultimate self-reflective moment, because she does all the speaking (well singing) for you, and she does it well.

Lucky for you, her EP releases today and you can catch every feel she is throwing your way on SoundCloud right now, so make sure you check out her EP Sad Girls Club

While you are at it, check her out on Instagram and Twitter.

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Crown All Queens

Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all