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01 - 27 - 2017

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New Jersey Artist Dutchboy releases his new album “Only If You Knew.”

Released on January 19th, “Only If You Knew” is well produced and features impeccable production. It sounds different and promises to keep you coming back for more.

“Only If You Knew” has an impressive abundance of 808s, shows how diverse Dutchboy’s musical skills are, and is one of best albums of 2017.

Born Ishmail Wells, Dutchboy lived in both Texas and Florida before settling in New Jersey. He began making beats at age 12, and started making his own music.

Living in multiple locations has also influenced his sounds. Only If You Knew features a diverse range of influences.

Songs such as Stress, Diamonds, and Excited show his wide range of production and lyrical content.

“What I want my fans to get from this album is my thesis statement, why I am here. I wanted to tell my story as an artist and my ambitions that I’ve kept inside the past two years building this project. I’ve been through a lot, a lot of growth and a lot of setbacks.”

“Only If You Knew” is a good album for a couple of reasons. One is Dutchboy’s style, which is mysterious.

Second is his intellectual and organized sound. He takes you in his world and gives you his own spin on things.

Third is his raw production skills and talent at making his own music. Tracks such as Call Ya Back and Nu Jersey Devil showcase his wide range of skills.

He is someone who never changes his style but instead diversified his production to not only showcase his talent, but keep his fans eager for more while always giving a piece of himself.

You may find his album on Soundcloud and iTunes. Link to his Soundcloud account is above, so take a listen.

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