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09 - 19 - 2016

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Do you know how to define ‘divine feminine’ ? From using Google to define the phrase, it is stated as “the delightful qualities of traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.”

Well, maybe in Mac Miller’s mind this might define a certain someone he is somewhat attached to.

The Pittsburgh native decided to release an album surrounding the topic of love.

Mac Miller stated to i-D, that “I want people to love this record and realize they can love to it.”


Since Blue Slide Park, Mac Miller has put in hard work demonstrating his skill as a rapper. He surrounded himself in a circle full of tasteful musicians such as Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, and CeeLo Green.

These artists recognize Mac’s talent and brought “The Devine Feminine” into the right direction with him.

I believe the previous mentioned had somewhat of an input on The Divine Feminine ‘s development.

Just like Khalifa’s See You Again, Lamar’s Opposite Attracts, and Green’s I Want You, the album shows a softer side. It shows he is comfortable in his “artistic” skin.

With the songs Soulmate, We, and My Favorite Part, this helps wrap around the rumors of how Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are together, and then confirmed the rumors. Even the song My Favorite Part has Ariana Grande featured on it.

With these here songs, he gives listeners the “love-y” feeling.

The 10 track album says that love is part of everyone, and everyone should have love in their life.

With love as the main theme, the record makes for  a great Valentine’s gift for your special someone (even though it is 5 months away, you gotta start early).

The common phrase “wearing my heart on my sleeve” embodies what Mac serves.

Not only did he put his heart on Soulmate, We and My Favorite Part, just in three songs, his heart-strings are played through out the entire album.

Press play on ‘The Divine Feminine’ above and support the new album on iTunes and Spotify.


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