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09 - 13 - 2016

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Music is supposed to express your feelings and state your opinions. Music is a way to actually put people in the artist’s shoes.

When artists put out music, they are sharing their experiences and it helps listeners who have went through similar experiences.

If you’ve ever listened to M.I.A.’s music, you would know that she has never been on to shy away from stating her honest opinion on social issues,

Teaming up with major names like Skrillex and Zayn Malik, M.I.A has things to get off her chest, again. Her music has always discussed her political stance, where she has always stood strong.

In AIM, there is no difference. Even though she is from Sri Lanka and living in the United Kingdom, she is making you think about what is going on not just in her world, but also yours.

Timing is everything! AIM is released at the right time, not because it’s a political year, but what has happened  in recent days.

From gun violence, to political coups, M.I.A prompts you to open your eyes and seeing what’s going on in the world around us.

Elections are being held everywhere, there are issues that need to be addressing, and it’s time to express yourself.

Once you press play on “A.I.M.” to the album you will get lost in the music.


Starting off with Borders on the album, gives you the opportunity to ask, “what are my values and where do I stand?” The track promotes to question yourself. When Freedun comes on, you will feel the swagger come in the project.

Partnering up with “Pillow Talks” Zayn adds a bit of  flavor to the track.

By the eighth song All My People, listeners start to understand the importance and direction of the project.

Even though critics may say things like “this wasn’t her best album”, in my eyes,it truly hit the nail.

Other critics and site can give it poor reviews because of her focus on the truth. It may not sit well with some and has definitely  struck a chord in the hearts of some.

Whatever you think about M.I.A and her album AIM, you will go on a journey from start to finish!

You can listen to the album here.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all