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09 - 27 - 2016

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If you all follow OG Maco, you probably remember that last month, he got into a severe car accident.

He had multiple injuries but that didn’t stop him from continuing to make music. He recently released Black Phil Collins, which received both negative and positive comments.

The instrumentation on the seven track mixtape are purely amazing. Any emcee would love to get their hands on the trippy sounds, to craft something amazing to

Starting off with “No Love,” the track expresses his darkest feeling. The song has a twist of rock and electric.

Making the sound unique and his own. When you listen to those guitar riffs, you get a feeling of anger and sadness. Hearing the song translates a feeling of relation and puts you in a lane to understand how he’s feeling.

Maco is talking to men and women, who have been hurt by their significant other, i.e. the one person they love.

“The money make me laugh every time.” Maco raps.

It sounds like he has been sipping on some Lemonade and remixed his version of “best revenge is your paper!”


Now let the church say Amen, because Prayer Line gives you the old vibe of rap.

He gives a shout out to Jay Z with the line “blueprint in my new author, and move harder.”

OG is thanking God for helping him get through. With his back on the wall, he still kept moving forward to his goal and he had to thank God for helping him on his journey.

With a verse feature from Theo Ferragamo, just completes the song. The vibe you get from this song almost the same as “Jesus Walks.”

Remember he said that his main competition isn’t any of the new artists but people like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Kanye West. So who do you think better, Kanye or OG Maco?

The overall mixtape was great. Some of the negative comments could have come from people who are used to what they are used to.

It is very hard to put out new music when some artists are being promoted way more than others, who actually deserve it.

I tip my head off to OG, because this is one of the few mixtapes I have listened to from the beginning to the end.

Yeah, I scratched my head on some of the songs, but it’s because a new sound is hard to get used to when you would expect it.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all