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07 - 14 - 2016

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On July 8th, TDE Rapper and Black Hippy member Schoolboy Q releases 4th album Blank Face to rave reviews.

Los Angeles Rapper and Black Hippy member Schoolboy Q released his 4th studio album Blankface.

2 years since his last album Oxymoron, Schoolboy, who considered retiring, decided to get back into it.

“I figured music is the best option I have next to taking care of my daughter ” , in a recent interview.

Kno ya wrong and Neva Change explore Q’s personal life as a rapper, and a father with a 2 year old daughter.

As Oxymoron was more celebratory, Blankface finds Schoolboy Q struggling with his past and attempts for a better future.

Songs like Black Thought and Dope Dealer find Q struggling with his past as a Drug Dealer but attempting to balance out life

If Kendrick is yin, then Schoolboy Q is definitely his yang, balancing out Kendrick’s Consciousness with Gangsta Anthems such as

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.32.36 PM

Production wise, the album is a straight throwback to the days of Dr Dre, with heavy funk samples and sympathizers.

The albums highest point might be the on the song Tookie know’s best, which follows Q as he goes on a regular life in South Central.

The video features Q walking down the street one minute, then being hauled off my LAPD along with his homies.

“Fans wont get a taste of the depressed rap, none of that shit” he said in an Interview with rolling stone.

“I gotta admit I’m fucked up at all this shit going on”, and that’s why I named the album Blankface.

Some people may say Schoolboy is too Gangsta on Blankface, but that is exactly who he is. A gangsta with a good soul, and a penchant for making good music in any condition.

One thing is for sure, Schoolboy know’s who he is.

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