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01 - 24 - 2017

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A looped beat provides the backbone for Alina Baraz’s track, “Electric”, featuring Khalid. This beat opens and creates the overall cohesiveness that makes for a truly mellow and velvety feel.

The original beat permeates the song, but she alters and mixes it throughout. Baraz’s provides an electric touch. Her high-toned voice is the perfect complement to the beat, as they move and work together. Initially, her lyrics start out slow, like thread slowly being spun together. The simple beat at the start of the song allows Baraz’s voice to shine through and illustrate her impressive sound and range. Additionally, Baraz’s lyrics match up with the song, as the tempo changes just as she sings, “moving to the tempo, showing me what it takes” which shows her listeners a clever play between lyrics and beat, and their connection throughout “Electric”.

At about a minute through, she adds electric guitar to create an instrumental relation to the title. The electric guitar becomes just one of the many layers that make up the track. Additionally, ach layer is seamlessly added, and hits perfectly on the beat and in interlocking tones. These smooth transitions are what make the song so special.

Though the lyrics may not be described as deeply meaningful, the production quality certainly makes up for it. Khalid’s lyrical introduction partners well with Baraz’s voice, as they begin to interchange throughout the song. They mix their voices around the electric guitar to make the song feel electric and alive. The last minute of the song was a beautiful denouement. High notes from an electric guitar are added ever so lightly atop the lyrics, like fairy dust. The slowdown of the lyrics and the overlay of the two artist’s voices create a final singularity that makes the song feel whole. The electricity is palpable from start to finish.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all