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10 - 10 - 2017

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Fresh off a big win at the Minnesota Webfest, Alonge Hawes has scored another victory: He’s signed an overall marketing deal with SeekaTV. The exclusive deal expands Hawes’s relationship with SeekaTV’s digital platform, which was an early distribution partner for his series Blue Collar Hustle. Under the pact, SeekaTV will become an exclusive home for the show’s second season, and Hawes will continue to write, executive produce, and star in the series.

The news comes on the heels of Hawes landing two nominations at the Minnesota Webfest, Best Drama and Best Representation Of Communities Of Color, of which the series took home the second. The series was also recently named an official selection at the 16th annual Urban Mediamakers Film Festival.

“In ‘Blue Collar Hustle’, Alonge Hawes has brought together real characters that you easily grow to care about. “In the time I’ve been working with him, I’ve seen him grow as a filmmaker and his cast gel as a team.” Said George Reese, Senior Vice President Of Seeka Programming. “We rarely start working with filmmakers with just a single episode in the can, but that’s how we started working with Mr Hawes because of the potential we saw in the ‘Blue Collar Hustle’ pilot. The first season he delivered justified that decision and we’re very much looking forward to season 2.”

Blue Collar Hustle centers on the lives of four millennials as they attempt to start their own independent record label while simultaneously juggling families, careers, and the realities that come with existing as black men in modern society. The series was one of the original programs to join Seeka’s public launch in March. It was ranked number 3 amongst Seeka’s most viewed programs in July and August.

In a review earlier this year, Indyred’s William Conrad wrote of season one, “The gritty realism, smart writing and good casting all contribute to providing a highly enjoyable, surprisingly entertaining production. Damn. Who would have thought a web series… an indie low budget series, could cause so much thought beyond what’s directly presented onscreen. Do I suspect this is an intentional thing from the writer? Hell yes. I’m pretty damn sure. These guys know what they’re doing.”

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all