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07 - 30 - 2016

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Amma, a young rap and hip hop performer from Arizona, has big plans for her budding career.

Beginning with the release of her debut EP, Truth Is, the Phoenix native hopes to put her home state on the map “as a place that has talented artists.”

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Her dreams are definitely not beyond her reach, as the 19-year-old college student shows potential.

However, it’s clear that she’s still just starting out. Delivering a vocal performance caught somewhere between singing and rapping, it seems she’s yet to really figure out who she is as an artist.

“I was looking to create a different sound, my own sound,” Amma said. 

Though she seems to be on to something, it feels like she hasn’t quite found that sound just yet.

One thing the artist does succeed at is emotional delivery. She wrote every track throughout different stages of battling depression, and she lays everything on the table.

Though lyrically there’s room for improvement, the vulnerability is there and it works. Amma doesn’t hold back.

She also does very well at maintaining a level of uniqueness to every song on the record. As she made the call to involve a different producer on all six tracks, she gave each its own particular vibe.

“I See You Now” offers a layered vocal over simple string accompaniment.

In contrast, “Flying” has a complex underlying beat. The song features a heavily auto-tuned backing track that strangely works well opposite Amma’s almost spoken word performance.

The young artist is at her best on “For You” feat. J Reid. It’s the only track on the album in which she explores her upper range, making it her most versatile vocal delivery.

You might say this all adds to the sense that Amma’s still struggling to find herself. However, the underlying emotional themes of the record connect the songs well enough.  This is a skill which displays a level of creative prowess that bodes well for her future.

She has a lot of room to grow, but she also possesses the passion and drive to do so.

My end goal is to inspire other females to want to express themselves, whether it’s through art or music,” Amma said.

Here’s hoping Amma truly finds herself, and makes that aspiration a reality.



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