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09 - 19 - 2016

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New York based producer and singer, AM!R, is aiming for new heights with his perfect timed release of his new EP “FUTUREPUNKSOUL” The title alone is enough to have you curious on what this project will sound like, and from beginning to end you will not be disappointed in the experience. AM!R takes an accumulation of all his abilities and accommodates each track with such an infectious rhythm. This release is the beginning of something amazing for AM!R.

“FUTUREPUNKSOUL” starts off with the track “Dirty Whispers”. From the moment the songs starts, you know you are in for a melodic groove. AM!R comes in with such essence, almost reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s sound. With ‘You got the best of me’ being sung with such conviction, you cannot help but feel like Dirty Whispers is the perfect introduction to the project. AM!R continues to impress with the cut ‘Bones’ coming in next. You can really witness the versatility that he actually beholds with his musicality. Not being afraid to play with different flows and melodic patterns adds extra appreciation for the song altogether. “Design” brings that punk feel to the forefront from the very first second of it being played. AM!R tackles this track with as much ambition as the previous records. Catering to the ladies all over with a perfect design that needs to be loved, he impresses well. “Parachute” is definitely one of those feel amazing spotlight records. One of the bolder touches on the project, the hook is what will leave you replaying the song repetitively until you no longer want yourself to have control of your own actions. AM!R knows how to touch the masses and “Parachute” defines that. “Not Tonight” creates the ultimate bob cruise. Perfect mix of punk soul, you really become compelled of the sound that you are being presented. Once you have the chance to focus on the lyrics on this song, you hear that everything is not always going to be great and there will be a place for everything, just not tonight. “Junky” ends the EP with such needed bounce. While staying within his vision, you can hear hip-hop influence in the ride out of this cut. The highlight of this track was the electric sounds of the guitar solo jumping throughout the song in melodic bliss. AM!R formulates a project that can be replayed multiple times, and proves that his music has the sounds of longevity means. Give the EP a listen above and get hip to the sound that AM!R is pioneering!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all