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08 - 13 - 2016

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Rapper Angelo Mota is back with the release of his new single “Oath”.

Angelo Mota hails from New Jersey. He has been gifted in rapping for years. On the other hand, he took time to delve into the art of production, where Mota learned more about crafting and creating beats for his songs. With “Oath” he showcases his rapping abilities and wows us once again.

This track in particular, like other songs on his next project, was not produced by Mota. Instead, producer Sipho the Gift was responsible for the upbeat production, and even surprised us with a his own verse on “Oath”. The cover art displays a thorny crown, not saying that they wish to be of a higher deity, but they want to hail the throne of success one day.

“Oath”, as it sounds, is Mota and Sipho vowing that they will make it to the top, despite the struggles and obstacles they encounter. Toward the end of the song, Mota raps “God’s side I hope and pray that this is gone go away”, hoping that whatever problem his has now won’t follow him to his success in the future. Long story short, they’re hungry and ready to eat.

imageThis track itself provides a humbling sense of struggle and encouragement. Anyone who listens to this track can relate to whatever goal there are trying to achieve, and gain inspiration to make it to where they are headed.

At the wake of his upcoming album, Mota has released “Dawn” last month, and now “Oath”. Just these two tracks alone are hard, imagine what the rest of the project is going to be like? Something we are all ready to see for ourselves.

While we are still loving “Oath”, be on the lookout for upcoming tracks and features from Mota. Get more of his work and check out his Soundcloud. For more sneak peaks on production and real eases, follow his Twitter and Instagram.

Get into “Oath” below.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all