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07 - 14 - 2017

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In an effort to mend world peace, Canadian artist Anjulie releases her new track “Dream Again”. For starters, Anjulie has already wrote songs for stars such as Nicki Minaj, Kelly Clarkson, and Fefe Dodson. Now, the ball is in her court as she lays up her own lyrics with “Dream Again”.

The United States has its gray areas, but not so much as with other countries. With the world how it is now, it serves best to start conversations about civil war and how those in other countries need support. The blueprint behind this track is a little different from most. As an Iraqi artist, Anjulie often shares her experience with her Iraqi fan base back in Iraqi. Most of her fans, like her family, are under controlled and dangerous hazards culture. After back and forth conversation with her fans, they also shared vivid details of what it’s like back home. The comments were shocking yet inspiring all at once. This conversation sparked the ignition to create the track “Dream Again”.

Not too many artists choose to write music on the conditions of the world, but Anjulie steps out of her boundaries for this one. Soft piano keys follow our singer-songwriter throughout this track. Anjulie’s voice is just as soothing, as she croons about change and world peace.

“Titanium rockets don’t stand a chance against me. I got this heart that keeps beating. My time might be fleeting, but I’m not gon’ to give up easy. I got this song that I’m singing but my hope is sinking. So someone please tell me: when will we dream again?”

Much like Anjulie, we all wish we could live in a world where there is less problematic circumstances. Art has a way of creating a space where you can forget about everything going around you. Those who lend an ear towards Anjulie’s music can get a chance to escape with the sound of her angelic vocals and piano based melodies. Until we reach some peak of utopia, we can live, or in this case, dream for now.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all