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09 - 10 - 2016

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On the eve of Wednesday August 31st, The Lo’ Kids left an unforgettable mark in the city of Atlanta.

The Anti-Venue Tour began July 2015 in Buffalo, NY, since then HLV set a blaze across the U.S.

A-town was easily one of the most anticipated tour stops due to the buzzing market for indie artists.

As a partner on the tour, I’m proud to say that “The Warehouse” on 258 Auburn Avenue was packed-out last Wednesday.

Local merchandise vendors Hallelujah Trends and Misfits Rebellion showcased feature threads and exclusive gear. The brands were able to sell out items and meet new faces during the show.

The crowd filled up with music lovers, record label executives, artist managers, and fans from all walks of life who came out to enjoy the show.

The receptive audience engaged with every performer that touched the stage due to the vibe set by melodic band “The Waves”, Saint Opal, Mile-High and Saturn Alexander (watch clip below)

If anything, I would put a tab on all artists on the roster. I wouldn’t sleep. The indie market is brewing, making noise, and is soon becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Performers such as Hitch Burney, Tommy Swisher, Maui Max, and Friendly Mafia ended the show on a great tip and left the crowd yearning for more.

The Anti-Venue tour is a phenomenal effort. It spotlights artists that certain ears may never come across.

It’s truly a platform that is changing the game and music industry for the better.

Haute La Vie is filled with a great hard-working staff who made sure the event went smoothly.

I’d personally like to give a major shout out to Shawn Patterson, Adriana Lucia and Neph of HLV.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all