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12 - 09 - 2016

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Boston may lay low when it comes to the hip-hop music scene, but it does have some of the most talented artists living within the city! Hip-hop artist Antonio Breez is quickly spreading above and beyond the Boston skyscrapers.

The singer/songwriter moved to Boston from Brooklyn, New York as a young child. Throughout his childhood Antonio was always surrounded by music from his father who was a musician himself. Antonio was a sponge to his father’s musical skills and musical passion. Their relationship involved music whether it was admiring his father in the studio or free-styling on the car ride home.

Antonio Breez describes the music scene in Boston being typically quiet. He used his college education and networks to showcase his talents to the city. It took an enormous amount of strength and determination to push his music into the industry. However, it didn’t take long for loyal fans to join his journey once he started to spread his music.


“the convocation of antonio breez”

Antonio’a first full length album is a project that was inspired by the “college life” and his personal experiences throughout his college education. Between love, break-ups, friendships, and moving into the “real world”, Antonio Breez created his own personal yearbook through music!

One of Antonio’s most popular tracks is “School Love”. This song takes a trip back to the old school hip-hop with its soulful beat. Antonio shares his perfect love story between him and the most beautiful girl on campus until it took a turn for the worst. Finding love is in college can be a fairy tale, but almost impossible with the crazy parties and wild nights.

The newest music release “Next To Me” has received an enormous amount of love and support from fans all over the country! Antonio Breez created this song specially for his loyal fans. During the production of the music video, Antonio took videos of his fans singing “Next To Me” and made them the highlight of the video. Antonio Breez is a fun and loving musician who holds his fans close to his heart!

“The Convocation of Antonio Breez” is available now on Spotify! Check out his newest music video below!


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all