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04 - 04 - 2016

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In your own words, who is Ashleigh Sharmaine?

Ashleigh Sharmaine is a young artrepreneur making waves creating different avenues to express herself in her artistry.

When did you begin as an artist?

I started very young, I always was into drawing and crafting.


When did your artwork start attracting a big following?

Around February of 2015 was when I started to see a great increase in my following.

How has your success affected your close friends and family?

It hasn’t affected them that much but it always shocks them to see someone randomly post my artwork or use it as a profile picture.


As an artist, who are some of your influences?

Some of the major influences have to be Ben Jenkins and Samo.

As a 90’s kid, why would you say us 90’s babies dwell in the 90s so much and cherish it the way we do?

The 90s was a dope era, everything from music to apparel. Growing up in the 90s, everything was chill and just about living in the moment and being a kid, whereas today everything is surrounded by social media.


How did your tag “YoAshIsDope” come along?

The most commonly used word by people to describe my artwork is “dope” so, I wanted to include it in my name some how. People would repost my artwork and have hashtags like: #dopeash, #toodope, #ashislit#ashbeendope. So, I just came up with YoAshIsDope.


So far, which of your creations are your favorite pieces?

My favorite piece that I’ve created has to be my Love & Basketball mash-up along with Hey Arnold Glo’d Up piece.


Honestly, I really dig your creations; it has me in nostalgia all the time. Growing up what were some of your TV favorite shows?

Some of my favorite TV shows growing up was Arthur, Hey Arnold, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Martin, Clarissa Explains it All , In The House, Legend of the Hidden Temple, Are you afraid of the Dark, Tales from the Creep, Growing Pains, The Cosbys, Good Times, What’s Happening, I can go on for days lol.

When it comes to your work, do you hand draw, paint or use Adobe’s Creative Suite or all three? What is your creative process like?

When it comes to creating a new piece I hand draw an image then vectorize, color and add shadowing. I use my phone to produce all my illustrations. The program on my phone that I use is call Sketch Xpress, from there I recreate my sketch to an illustration.

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What’s the longest it’s taken you to create a piece?

My longest piece took me about three weeks to complete and it was The Hey Arnold Glo’D Up Series, my first illustrated series. It was when I started transitioning from sketching to illustrating, I was beginning to learn how to use Sketch Xpress, so I took my time in process of finishing the series.


What inspired you to create 90’s nostalgia art and swag it the way you did? Did you ever think it would connect with this many people?

I wanted to create an unexpected and dope concept, combining everything I was interested in such as; great music albums, dope artist, good movies and add a little nostalgia to the mix. That being said I didn’t think I would have as much support as I do now but I am definitely humble and I appreciate all the love.

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring artists who want to sell artwork online and build their brand organically?

Go for it, don’t let anything get in your way! Trust, believe and receive!

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YoAshIsDope creates Bryson Tiller imagery.

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