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11 - 12 - 2016

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After nearly 18 years, A Tribe Called Quest releases their final album “We got it from Here, Thank You 4 Your Service”. A Tribe Called Quest has long-lived their legacy as hip hop pioneers and word playing geniuses.

Before the loss of friend and”5 foot assassin” lyricist  Phife Dawg, Tribe was rumored that they would be releasing an album. They also made note that this would be their final work. Eventually, they would go on their last tour for fans all around the world. The loss of Phife Dawg was a shock to the hip hop community. “We got it from Here” is a tribute to not only Phife, but a long missed comeback from the hip hop group.

As Tribe comes together for their last goodbye, all members of the group are in unison. Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi White, Q-Tip, and Phife Dawg found their way back in the studio. “We got it from Here” has an all-star cast of lyrical rappers. The 16 track album includes appearances by Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Elton John, Busta Rhymes and more.


While embarking on this journey with Quest again, you’ll still feel a bit of old school and new school collisions. On “We got it from Here”, Tribe attempts to jump on the new sound that hip hop progresses today. It doesn’t sound completely like The Low End Theory or Midnight Mauraders, but it does incorporate the modern sound of contemporary/underground hip hop.

Opening the album with “The Space Program”, talks about black community and its existence today. “Let’s make something happen/ Gotta get it together for brothas/ Gotta get it together for sistas” the MC Phife Dawg recites this line throughout the ending of the track.

You’ll notice some interesting samples within the album. The song “Enough!!” Hosts the main beat of their 90s hit “Bonita Applebum”, while also dancing verses along the track. Next there’s “Solid Wall of Sound”, smoothly incorporating the underlining beat from Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets”.


Without the help of Tribe and the rest of Zulu Nation, hip hop wouldn’t be what it is today. The 90s era of hip hop was filled with rappers informing listeners on socially struck topics and infamous delivery. Tribe helped push forward the once key elements of hip hop: lyricism, punch, and flow.

As the group says their farewells, we can only hope that their music will help inspire and give light to upcoming MC’s. This may be their last work as a unit, but A Tribe Called Quest lives forever. Get a listen at one of the lyric punching groups to ever come out of hip hop.

“We got it from Here” is available on Apple Music.

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