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11 - 16 - 2016

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Rising musician “Bree” aka “Black Topanga” is raising serious noise in the ATL underground scene.

The Macon, Georgia native, now residing in Atlanta, recently revealed Ceberus.

Her talents include rapping, singing, songwriting and playing the guitar.

What separates her is that her music speaks volumes with meaning. Her love for music extends beyond words to actually evoking emotion.

Bree, who is 20 years old, attended the American Musical & Dramatic Academy after high school before migrating to Atlanta to pursue a rap career.

Atlanta has dominated the rap music scene for over 20 years now.

The city possesses an array of diverse sounds, while the underground market is responsible for producing immaculate rising talents.

One of them is Bree. Her first EP, Cerberus, showcases her musical talent.

The first song, fordy bars, shows her rapping abilities as a female MC, wordplay, and real lyricism.

Instrumentally produced by Keem The Cipher, showcases Atlanta’s production talent as well.

Second song, Almost, is pop influenced, and resembles the sounds of Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and Demi Lovato.

Almost is delicate, angelic, and contains heart tugging vocals that cascade over a beautiful piano arrangement.

The Third and final song, Hi Love, is a mix between r&b, rap, and alternative music.

While a love song, it describes real events and emotions experienced by Bree herself.



Bree is very talented, a true underground artist, and another example of the talent that Atlanta has brewing.

If she keeps this up, she will be on the national stage in no time.

Be on the lookout for her, support Bree, and take a listen to Cerberus with the link above.

Support good musicians and artist such as Bree. Support Atlanta. Support Hip Hop.


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