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06 - 24 - 2016

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With having already released cuts like “RNS”, “Don’t Play Yourself”, and “TURN ME UP” earlier in the year, The Pheels have emerged with their debut EP called the ‘LikeWise EP’. With the group comprising of Curtis Fields and Phil Jones, this R&B duo is nothing short of amazing. Being located in the area of Atlanta will really assist in cementing this group as a duo to heavily look out for in the upcoming seasonal changes.


‘LikeWise’ is 7-track EP that starts off giving a sheer feeling of euphoria. The abstract synths and elements of sound that come off as spacious elegance gives you an unmatched experience when you come across these moments throughout the EP. Musicians like Toro Y Moi and groups like Tame Impala make The Pheels fit right at home. With “Turn Me Up” being the entry track on the EP, it gives off a slightly uptempo vibe, causing your hips to go with the flow. Jones’ production compliments the vocals of Field’s so gracefully, it is difficult to not admire their chemistry on tracks like “RNS”. Especially with the harmonizing at the end accompanying the drum clap pattern, I knew I was hooked.

Each track touches on array of topics, offering a sound that anyone can learn to enjoy at any point of the day. Whether you want to wake up and have The Pheels present you with an euphoric gain that’d linger throughout the day or maybe you want to utilize it as a coping melody system to fall asleep, this ‘LikeWise EP’ is definitely something the masses should gravitate towards without hesitation. With a personal favorite being “Cannonball”, don’t waste anymore time forming your own thesis on this electronic magic. Stream the EP above or check out the EP on Apple Music.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all