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06 - 03 - 2016

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Jazz and hiphop group BadBadNotGood  hail from Toronto, but this summer they’re touring both the U.S. and Europe in promotion of their upcoming album, IV.

The new record is set to drop on July 8, but two singles have already been released.

Both songs have their own unique tone, while still falling in line with the band’s alternative style and tendency towards collaboration with other artists. 

The first single off of IV“Time Moves Slow”, was smooth and sultry, with vocals by Sam Herring of Future Islands. 

The latest track, “Confessions Pt. II,” is entirely instrumental and features fellow jazz musician Colin Stetson on the saxophone. The song is nearly seven minutes of what sounds like a casual jam session between the artists. 

Admittedly, the underlying beat of the song is repetitive and somewhat lackluster. It also takes an exceedingly long time for the melody to build.

That being said, however, the music is enjoyable in that it does seem to tell a story. It’s slow at the start, but the ending manages to be both fun and erratic. There’s a sort of tension to the sound that puts a listener on edge, similar to the feeling one gets during the climax of a good action movie.

“Confessions Pt. II” is perhaps not the best choice for a single, given its flaws. It’s not one of BBNG’s better pieces, failing in comparison to much of their overall discography.

But it does remain a smart pick for the album in general, serving to demonstrate the band’s technical abilities and acting as a mild teaser for better things they have to offer.

You can check out more of their music here.

BadBadNotGood performs at the Red Bull Sound Select Presents 30 Days in LA, at The Tower Theatre, in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 20 November, 2015.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all