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06 - 10 - 2016

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On Thursday, Scottish alt-rockers CHVRCHES released a new version of their song “Bury It” featuring Hayley Williams, the vocalist of American alternative band Paramore.

The song, the original version of which is off their fantastic sophomore album “Every Open Eye” released in 2015, and follows the release of a new song titled “Warning Call” recorded for the upcoming game “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.” In October 2015, Williams joined CHVRCHES on stage to sing “Bury It” at a show in Paramore’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. CHVRCHES were also the co-headliners on the second-voyage of Paramore’s concert-cruise “Parahoy!”

Though the three members of CHVRCHES alternate vocals on songs, it’s Lauren Mayberry (the only female member of the group) who sings lead vocals. “Bury It” is a scathing and reflective homage to recognizing another’s lies and misgivings, but also to – as the lyrics suggest – “bury it and rise above.”

Williams takes over the second verse, her forceful, fierce and sturdy rock vocals easily overpowering the dance-y synth track that pulses in the background. Her voice is lower than Mayberry’s but has a greater range, making the second verse, second chorus, bridge and ending chorus an ultimate power play in female voices. Williams makes expert use (she is part of a multi-time Grammy nominated and one-time Grammy award-winning band after all) of the lilts and breaks her voice has to bring support and character to Mayberry’s more straightforward style of singing.

The original version of this song was already good, but this new version featuring Williams is infinitely better, as the two female’s voices complement each other perfectly and lend the ultimate alt-punk punch to an already beautifully piercing song. Take a listen to the new track below. Also listed is the performance of the song featuring Williams on Parahoy! in March.




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