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06 - 27 - 2016

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It seems like over the past years, Atlanta has been giving birth to new upcoming artists and rejuvenating the sound of music. It’s an honor to introduce yet another emerging artist. Years after countless tribulations and heartbreak, Cza Kalu shares a new vibe with “Timeless”, to rejoice for his newfound love interest. The song features a sample of Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”, with production by in-house producer Setrono.

“Timeless” opens with a memorable snippet from “One In A Million”. Not long after, Kalu begins to take us on a lyrical journey. He starts off by sounding tied to his lover, saying “You don’t know what you do to me girl”. From that moment on, it’s needless to say that “Timeless” becomes a beautiful rap song. If sampling Aaliyah wasn’t enough, check out the lyrics. CZA gives praise to his mystery girl that is taking full control of his thoughts and actions. How her beauty outshines even the most pretty girls in the room. Effortlessly, she seems to be the reason he breaths.

The relation between “Timeless” and “One in a Million” can be closely matched. The same way how Aaliyah expressed how she cherished and cared for her lover, CZA does the same; giving beautiful expressions and images to sculpt his girl that he lusts.

Kalu is a fresh new artist. His last project Platform 9 3/4 featured four songs, one of them being “Suede” which made its debut on YouTube late last year. Since then, the soulful artist has been releasing more songs, including the new Grand Soul EP.

After listening to the song over and over again, I fell in love with the lyrics. The closing lyric is what get’s me the most. “Your loving is timeless” sticks with you once the song ends. “Timeless” is the perfect summer love affair song.

Check out CZA’s Twitter and Soundcloud, along with the Grand Soul EP.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all