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06 - 10 - 2016

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On Thursday, indie-pop group HALFNOISE released the single “Know the Feeling.” HALFNOISE is the solo project of ex-Paramore drummer Zac Farro that began after he left the band in 2010. “Know the Feeling” is the first single off HALFNOISE’s upcoming third album, which is rumored to be coming out later this year.

The song is preceded by the stand-alone single “Inside” released in 2015, the LP album “Volcano Crowe” released in 2014 and the eponymous EP released in 2012. Along with the release date, the name of the upcoming album has yet to be revealed.

The song starts off with a few seconds of static sounding words that are barely understandable. They sound like a radio transmission from the early days, or the atypical conversation you hear between NASA and the astronauts on the International Space Station. Immediately after this, however, the song launches into its summery and starry-eyed main beat. The music, featuring a synth chord of calming stair-step beats reverberate through one’s mind as it dances lightly over an easy and rhythmic drumbeat. The music is further expanded and supported by a light guitar riff and an additional bongo-like drumbeat.


Farro’s relaxing and strong tenor voice sing-songs – with an edge that’s equal parts teasing and accusatory – through the opening verse. His voice strides breathlessly into the chorus, where he sings the titular words in an optimistic and delicate tone. Farro’s lyrics and voice are perfectly casual, yet never outdone by the equally impressive backing beats, that follow and support Farro as he sings to who is assumed to be a flippant and indecisive romantic interest.

The bridge climaxes with repetition: Both of the quick, biting beat and the lyrics “and all that I needed was a reason why.” The guitar takes over during the last fourth of the song, expertly bringing a bright, immaculate song to its close. “Know the Feeling” is the perfect introduction to the upcoming HALFNOISE album. Take a listen below.

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