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06 - 07 - 2016

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About to start the final leg of her sold-out Badlands Tour, and fresh off her song “Castle” being featured in the film “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” alt-pop singer-songwriter Halsey released “Tokyo Narita (Freestyle)” on May 20. The song was produced by her longtime producer Lido, and is the second song the producer has done in 2016, the first one being “Crazy.”

“Tokyo Narita” features the best of Halsey’s smooth, breathless, airy and powerful vocals, over Lido’s perfectly crafted, calming beats. The song starts off slow, but gradually builds as Halsey trades some slow-sung pop culture references for a faster take on her voice and lyrics. As the beat remains the same throughout, the alt-pop singer trades her lilting singing for a light take on rapping. Quickly spitting out a biting barrage of lyrics aimed at the unnamed companion she lovingly sung to just seconds before, the singer’s bars impressive and real.

As the main producer on Halsey’s amazing and fresh 2015 album “Badlands,” Lido is a veteran who knows how to craft beats that complement her voice perfectly. He does so here on “Tokyo Narita,” with a beat sounding like a slowed down heartbeat (accurately matching the somewhat romanticized tone of the song) that features – if you know Halsey’s music and are quick enough to catch it – a quick mini-beat in the middle sounding suspiciously like one found in Halsey’s “Castle.”

Overall, the quick freestyle features the strengths of both artists. As proved on “Badlands” and its predecessor, the 2015 EP “Room 93,” Halsey and Lido are a musical dream team. Lido’s beat is repetitive but never boring. And Halsey’s vocals are absolutely perfectly, highlighting their versatile nature and the artsy breaks her voice possesses. “Tokyo Narita (Freestyle)” is the perfect holdover for fans as they await new music from both. Take a listen below.


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