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06 - 02 - 2016

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Electro-soul artist Kiah Victoria shared her new song “Cold War” on Monday. Victoria is originally from Bowie, Maryland, but is now located in New York City. “Cold War” highlights her powerful and soulful vocals.

Starting with a piano and Victoria’s breathy vocals, the song explores the emotions felt when a mistake is made: ranging from calm to a tornado of denial and rage. These confusing emotions are reflected in the composition of the song itself.

The tranquil verses lead gradually into the thunderous chorus, with the verses relying heavily on the beginning piano. During the chorus and bridge, the piano takes a backseat. Thus, Kiah Victoria allows her full, Alicia Keys-esque vocal range to take the reins. This is the ultimate beauty of “Cold War”: whereas Keys is often too reliant on her piano, Kiah Victoria is confident in the undeniable strength and beauty of her voice to carry the song.

The lyrics are powerful and eerie, a chilling and moving account of self-reflection that arises after coming to terms with your faults and mistakes. Her honest lyrics are matched and rivaled only by her vocals and additional harmonies. All are raw, giving the listener a real sense of the cutting emotion forced from Victoria’s soul.

Overall, “Cold War” is a haunting masterpiece. With any of her past music – besides a cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” and a song feature – absent, “Cold War” is the perfect way for Victoria to place herself in the music industry. Though “Cold War” is the only song available right now, Victoria has an EP in the works. There’s no doubt that when it drops, the rest of Victoria’s songs will showcase her powerful vocals and adept songwriting in a cohesive and emotional masterpiece. But until then, take a listen to “Cold War” above.

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