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06 - 23 - 2016

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On Wednesday, New York electronic artist Nakaya released her new song, titled “Lose It Too.”

The song starts out somber, with a light and high-pitched sound akin to a far-away cry accompanying it. Nakaya’s vocals start quickly after that, sounding contemplative, haunting and somewhat tired, but with a slightly eerie strength to her voice. This interpretation is furthered by the emotional, brooding and slightly threatening tone of the first verse’s lyrics.

During the first chorus her voice increases slightly in pitch, accompanied in the background by an urgent, high-pitched scale.

In the second verse, Nakaya returns to the reflective, if slightly detached, lyrics and tone of voice. Her strong voice stays with you long after the song ends after the second chorus, reverberating in your mind and attaching itself there, the repetitive structure of the chorus echoing in the back of one’s mind.

Lyrically, Nakaya is singing about her dependent nature on a significant other. This relationship is hindered by this dependency, as well as Nakaya’s own constantly shifting emotions.

At times she is content, musing, apologetic, apathetic and self-aware, creating a song that varies emotionally. This range is also reflected in the song’s musical composition.

In the beginning, the music is quiet, dark, and moody. One note echoes throughout the entire song. During the chorus, the music is – as mentioned earlier – high-pitched and urgent, with echoing notes added at its end. Throughout the second verse, the music matches the lyrics. As Nakaya sings about how she “settled my demons,” the music is eerily silent, only a haunting echo that gradually grows to the musically urgent chorus present.

Overall, Nakaya as created a song that explores the full scope of human emotion. She emphasizes this scope through her lyrics and backing music. On “Lose It Too,” Nakaya shows her own range as a singer and composer to create a song that’s equal parts ghostly and poignant.


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