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09 - 25 - 2017

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Anjulie’s latest release, Baghdad, is a soulful and breathy track. The chorus covers Outkast’s famous track, B.O.B (Bombs over Baghdad). The song, however, couldn’t be any different from the iconic Outkast track.

Though she repeats the chorus throughout, the song is an emotional trip, revealing Anjulie’s style and passion. She uses the metaphor of war, and in turn, Bombs over Baghdad, to illustrate the tumultuous state of affairs we live in. She states, “What if you load up your mind like you load up your gun”. In war and in the wake of terrorist attacks, people often act without thinking, as emotion overtakes logic in the brain. I really appreciate this metaphor and I think she does a good job maintaining it throughout the track. Additionally, Anjulie has an incredible voice and range. She begins the track in a deeper, sultry voice. As the track goes on, the song illustrates that she’s able to sing powerfully through octaves. She’s an undeniably talented vocalist and lyricist.

I think it’s important to add what Anjulie has said of her track, as it gives the listener backstory.

“On July 4th, 2016 I was on my way to an independence day celebration in the Hollywood Hills at the house of a beautiful actress and her boyfriend and as a person who is guilty of being perpetually late, it was already nighttime so fireworks were already going off. I quickly checked my twitter feed and noticed someone posted something about Baghdad. While the sounds of muffled explosions were poppin off outside my window, on the other side of the world a completely different kind of explosion was going on. One that would end up killing 300 innocent people including women and children. The strange thing is that while I was scrolling through my socials I couldn’t find anyone reacting to the bombing. I had seen a lot of hashtags for Orlando and Paris and Nice and Turkey, hashtags for black lives matter and blue lives matter and all lives matter but nothing about 300 people being snuffed out in Baghdad.”

It’s an interesting and complex track, and definitely worth a listen.

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