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06 - 21 - 2017

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British singer, Bianca Rose, releases a visual for her track “Hidden”. The Nigerian/Jamaican/British songwriter tackles the challenges of mental health while trying to balance a relationship. Mental Healthiness has just recently become an acceptable topic. But it is still is a touchy subject among men. And Bianca Rose shows that there is no problem addressing it, even through art. The song itself is a perfect blend of folk and gospel tones that melds perfectly with Bianca’s soulful vocals. Bianca is mostly known for her songwriting skills but has decided 2017 is the right time to focus on her own music again.

The track is featured on her album “No Fear Here”. The song starts off as a delicate love song then transitions into a powerful soul tone. The passion shines through in the video, while displaying a couple holding on to an unyielding relationship. You come to wonder what exactly is the situation that warrants such a passionate song. Later into the video, it is revealed that the man is struggling with an inner mental health problem, and doesn’t exactly know who to open up. Bianca’s visual hits home and she explains her inner thoughts behind it. “Even as a woman, it is never easy to reveal you have battled with any kind of mental oppression. But sharing is often the first step to breaking its power.”

Bianca is indeed a conscientious songwriter and it is displayed through her lyrics once again. Her debut album has warranted over 60 features and reviews, while also having over 400,000 plays on Spotify. Bianca Rose has claimed 2017 as her time to shine and she undoubtedly will. 

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all