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07 - 13 - 2017

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Electronic R&B duo, Olive White, is back with a new demo, Black Beach First Half. The duo is composed of LA-born artist/producer Justin Pommer and soulful R&B singer Brandon Hines.

The two are a match made in heaven, as they collaborate to create a unique, futuristic sound. The two actually met by chance, on the street in fact. Brandon Hines used to be signed to Sony Music but was dropped. Hines lived on the street, which is where he met Pommer while he was eating a burrito. It was a serendipitous meeting for sure, as not even a year after, their first single, Steak, was released. Steak has key similar elements to the two songs on Black Beach First Half, Replace You (Demo) and Bad Love (feat. Evelyn Molina). However, the new album shines light upon a darker and deeper side of the two artists’ personalities.

Replace You and Bad Love both delve into the masochistic pain associated with love. Pommer and Hines illustrate the intoxicating addiction that is love. They sing, “I know the first year was hard, but how could I ever stop loving you? I can’t replace you”. The song shows the power of love to change us forever. It burrows into our psyche, and suddenly we feel a void without it. In addition to the powerful lyrics, the vocals mixed with a passionate drum beat drive the song forward. There’s an element of grungy rock mixed in with this electronic R&B track.

Bad Love is similar to Replace You but slower and more soulful. The song starts out with a passionate hum. It then slowly progresses to the lyrics, “believe me, your love is bad love”. Then, something quite magical happens: Evelyn Molina’s voice drops in, and it’s an absolutely beautiful match, reminiscent of The XX. Overall, Black Beach First Half is certainly worth a listen, and I can’t wait to see the rest.

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