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01 - 22 - 2018

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Alex Vaughn’s latest release, Blessings, starts with a punchy electronic R&B rhythm.

Blessings then moves to simple chord progression, giving it a dreamy feel. The track sounds anthem-like, but it uses ethereal undertones to convey the spiritual message of the song. Vaughn uses a downtempo track and simple yet well-done production to create a space for her voice and the message she sings. “Anything you want is waiting. All for you. You just gotta breath to receive all the blessings.” Vaughn speaks of a conversation she had with God in which she learned that everything she needed was already inside of her. She urges others to find the same truth. That their truth and ability comes from within. The song urges others to stop stressing so intensely. “Just breath” she sings, saying that relaxation and trust in yourself are everything you need to be your best self.

Vaughn has a strong and powerful voice. It is ideal for the spiritual tone taken in her tracks. Blessings and Vaughn’s previous track, Gotta Have It, both speak of conversations with God and the messages that Vaughn is relaying to her listeners. Blessings is a bit different from her first EP, ‘The 4 pm Mix’, which uses six tracks to detail an eventful weekend for a young person. She seems to search deeper with her latest tracks, which are aimed to inspire love and hope in her listeners.

Vaughn is a woman of many talents. She not only writes and sings her own songs but is a talented pianist and producer as well. She has already worked with some big names like Anthony Hamilton, Goapele, and Nathan East. Vaughn has established herself as a talented R&B artist with an uplifting message for today’s youth.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all