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05 - 17 - 2017

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This week we’re granted an early preview of “Goddess”, Episode 4 for the new popular web-series “Blue Collar Hustle”.

In a nutshell, The episode showcases an interesting conversation that will engage you to tune in. Each character holds a unique yet relatable perspective. What’s nice about “Goddess” is its positive display of Black women and the informative dialogue held throughout.

Although Ajani drops heavy gems on his co-workers, “Goddess” also reveals a turning point in the plot that countless viewers are hoping for.

To a young entrepreneur on your hustle; this episode will hit home. 

Blue Collar Hustle connects with those who’ve invested a great deal of time and money on a dream they really believe in.

“Goddess,” tells us to be strong, proud black women, love ourselves, love our women, and to also follow our dreams to the fullest.

What makes this show great is its ability to relate to viewers through an engaging storyline and constant character development. ‘Blue Collar Hustle’s’ storyline dignifies viewers through touching on pressing social matters in the Black Community.

The show does a good job of referring to current popular culture. Don’t miss out on episode 4 which makes a return debut via Seeka TV on May 20th.

Episode 4 will also be available to view on June 3rd via YouTube, Bingewave, and Go Indie TV.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all