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05 - 17 - 2018

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Seeka.TV has announced the premiere date for the second season of Alonge Hawes’ award-winning series “Blue Collar Hustle”, as CAQ reports. The second season will air exclusively on the streaming network on October 1st, marking an end to speculation on when the critically acclaimed series would make its comeback.

Hawes reprises his role as Ajani Garvey, a young manager who attempts to form an independent record label in order to push his friend; the charming yet brash Quan Banneker (Quentin Williams) to fame and fortune. They are joined in their efforts by producer Jose Torres (Roberto Cruz) and Ajani’s right-hand man Anthony Lee (Howard Woodburn) as they all face the challenges of juggling artistic ambition with the ruthlessness of the music industry. Ajani’s supportive yet concerned wife Anaya Bassett (Tijuana Agnew) and fiercely independent co-worker Asha Luna (Shani
Hawes) round out the main cast.

Blue Collar Hustle was created by Alonge Hawes and made its debut in February of 2017 on Youtube and quickly became popular on the platform, with over 50,000 views on the series official channel. It was picked up by both Seeka.TV and KweliTV and currently ranks as the latter’s highest viewed series. The series has been awarded Best Web Series by several film festivals including The LA Shorts Awards, The London Independent Film Awards, and The Global Film Festival. Hawes will return as writer, show-runner, and executive producer. He will also direct two of the
season’s 10 episodes, with the remaining episodes to be directed by Jairus Burks.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all