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11 - 30 - 2016

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In your own words who is Brandon Yancey?

In my own words Brandon Yancey is an always silly, always creative kind of guy. I’m very easy-going. I love to have fun with my friends and chill with my big bro. I love going out and having a great time. I love being free. One of the best things about me in my opinion is that I love to meet new people and love to have new experiences.


How long have you been singing?

Probably like 2-3 years now. Through that time, I’ve been trying to take a body of music and do something with it.

How is the Baltimore music scene?

The Baltimore music scene is pretty tough honestly. I imagine it’s a lot like Atlanta. You have a whole bunch of people doing music and a whole bunch of people wanting to be famous. It’s actually really rewarding when you do it right. A guy that I’ve been watching for a minute, his name is Tate Kobang. He took the city by storm, he hasn’t been doing music for that long. He did a re-make to the song “Bank Rolls.” It was done by a popular artist back in the day .hat song has been played all over the country, his Spotify plays are ridiculous. People all over the country love this kid. When you do it right, not only will Baltimore reward you, but also the rest of the country will as well. People just want to hear good music.


Who are your music influences?

Definitely Usher. Definitely Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Adele. I got a lot of them. I have a longer list than most do. I listen to music every single day of my life and every moment. 

What is your take on the climate of R&B/soul music?

I definitely think it’s coming back? I think it was a great area for a while. It’s coming back with pop artists using the R&B sound over heavy EDM tracks. David Guetta was one of the first people I heard do it. I’m not sure if he was the first, but he was one of the first. It’s coming back with guys like Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez, who doesn’t get enough credit for how dope he is. Drake has done a lot for the R&B soul sound. A lot of his tracks are really melodic and heavy in the R&B vibe. I want to do every type of genre, I listen to everything.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all