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10 - 11 - 2016

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C. Smitty is an up and coming rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He currently resides in Gastonia, North Carolina and is giving the south his New York style. His new mixtape, which is scheduled to come out Oct 31st, 2016 will include his hit single, “Trenches”. “Trenches” is a personal song for him. In this song he talks about how he has overcome adversity to get to where he is today. This lyrical rapper  is all about telling his story in this mixtape he is not holding back at all and is delivering that New York head bobbing feel.

Listening to C.Smitty’s song “Trenches”, it gives you that laid back feel and you automatically know that he is from New York and his musical influences are Jay-Z and Fabolous from his style of rap.  His lyrical rhymes and story telling is what hit me most. “Trenches” is a song that could be played anywhere, whether it is a club, home, or just riding in your car it just makes you want to bounce to the beat.

The beat matches the style of the rapper and what he is trying to convey to his fans in this song. The beat is as hard as the title of the song. You can tell that he is very hungry and has made it out of the trenches.  C. Smitty is an artist to watch, because he knows exactly what he wants and what he is going for. He made sure this song really told his story and the producer chose a beat that fit the puzzle to his storytelling.  One of his lyrics that stood out for me from this lyrical artist was this verse, “Best believe I’m at everybody’s neck they gon’ know who’s next”. If this does not say how hungry this artist is then I don’t know what else does.

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