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07 - 14 - 2017

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When did C.Venus begin rapping?

I was around 9 the first time I ever actually wrote a verse and recorded it lol. My older brother and his friends would make battle-rap style diss records about each other and pass them back and forth, all on cassette tapes.

What is the ‘229 Takeover’?

The 229 Takeover is the perpetual emergence of individuals who are from a specific region of the state of Georgia onto the national scene in various avenues.

You have a lot of supporters and listeners from your hometown that respects you for your authenticity and journey. What does that feel like and is there any pressure going forward?

Being respected is like being rich in soul currency, I value it above the American dollar. Those hometown supporters provided the encouragement to pursue a professional career as a musician. The only pressure felt is the financial burden of start-up costs and the means by which we acquire the necessary funding. Everything else is playful.

Where did the inspiration for your solo projects; “Welcome 2 The Flytrap”, “Secrets of the Flytrap” and the latest release “Rise of the Flytrap” come from?

From my own experiences. Over the past 7 years, I have been receiving an extensive education and I was subjected to new paradigms of thought, as well as sudden and unforeseen changes in my family structure and circle of friends; the music is the medium through which I channel the forgotten love, excess pain, and unexpressed aggression.

What do you want listeners to gain from the new release?

A better understanding of who I am, who we all are and what I believe to be true, that we will continue to exist after death, that death is just birth into a new realm of our mental existence, that imperceptibility does not equate to non-existence.

What were your favorite songs to record on Rise Of The Flytrap?

3 in a Jay, Thinkin Bout The World, Juice Bowl

I noticed you don’t have many artists featured on your project, who in the underground or mainstream would you like to work with?

I would like to work with everybody who is talented but unfortunately, that is very unlikely so I’ve really only been focused on being accountable in regards to my own abilities.

As an independent artist, do you have any advice to give to those just starting out?

Count on yourself, nobody else is going to manifest your dream for you. Invest in yourself.

Are you performing at any shows in the near future?

A3C in October, and a few Sonicbids gigs in random places throughout Georgia.

Where can new fans keep up with you online?

My new website is, my Twitter is @CanYouC_Venus and the new refurbished YouTube channel is Welcome 2 The Flytrap.

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