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08 - 26 - 2016

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Valdosta, GA artist C. Venus released his new project, Secrets Of The Flytrap, on last Saturday.

Hailing from a town just south of Atlanta, C. Venus, who frequently raps along VonteOfNeWera, makes the case for Southern rap and continuing the tradition of ATL Trap music.

C. Venus kicks the tape off with a bang with the first song, Ambrosia, then keeps the gangsta-trap vibe rolling with songs “Moving and Grooving” followed by “Keep Calling Me” featuring Marlie.

“I Do Yoga” contains more of a pop/trap vibe, but the line “When you got the bags you got to watch who you roll with”, tells that Venus keeps it authentic as a rapper and doesn’t shy away from what’s real.

Track 7, Oligopoly, has a west coast vibe to it, but still is very much Dirty South trap. This shows that C. Venus doesn’t just stick to just one sound, he is influenced by other regions and uses it to his advantage.

In a time when music sounds repetitive, artists either sticking to their sounds by region, choice, or trend, C. Venus uses other influences to help his sound to attract a wider audience.

Track 15, Hologram, is my favorite on this project for 2 reasons. One is production, and two is the lyrical content. “Everyone wants to fuck with C. Venus, anomalistic I stuck with my genius. Everyone loves me don’t know if they mean it” reveals and artist struggling with trust and love around him.

Hip-Hip Artists have always had trust issues just like any other person, and music is often the way they express their discontent with their surroundings, expressing frustration, which is how they connect with fans and broaden their reach.

This is what makes artists such as C. Venus successful. They never shy away from personal issues. Instead he uses it to tell whats going through his mind, such as how far he has come and trusting those around him as he rises to the top.

I’m looking forward to hearing more of C. Venus in the future, and if this mixtape is any indication, he isn’t too far from there.



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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all