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09 - 19 - 2016

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Yonkwi has released a work of inspiration! “Ripe Plantain” is as fresh as it sounds and as original as it gets. The Cameroonian music artist created this single as a motivational and inspirational piece for his homeland, Undé, and his fans.

“Ripe Plantain” is an original rap and hip-hop track written and produced by Yonkwi himself. His music is catchy and energetic, but it avoids the familiar and treacle sound of today’s artists. “Ripe Plantain” is like hidden treasure that doesn’t feel manufactured by those trying to guarantee the delight of the new.


Cameroon’s Yonkwi was born in Tokyo and currently resides in the great NYC. He has everything he needs in order to create dope music right within his bedroom.

Yonkwi has a passion to produce real and original music that resists the commercial interests of the industry. He believes music comes from the rhythm that you feel throughout your body and in heart your. This is how Yonkwi has written and produced his own music since he was a little boy. This New York rapper uses music to express himself and to create positive, “feel good” vibes for his fans.

“Ripe Plantain” has the city feeling Yonkwi’s upbeat vibe with its immediate alluring beat. This is the perfect song to get your day started, give life to your night, or end your day on a positive note. Yonkwi sings, “Keep ya Freedom free. Find inner peace. Vibrate ya vibe and givam to me. Ay”.

The wordplay used in “Ripe Plantain” is mind-blowing and creates a smooth sound to the ear. It delivers a lively, yet soothing experience for listeners.

Yonkwi has spoiled his fans with his irresistible talent. “Ripe Plantain” is the beginning growth of an influential and contagious way of music.

Like Yonkwi says, “From my bedroom to your ears. I hope you enjoy the vibe”.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all