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10 - 04 - 2016

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This past week, the Canadian songstress Liz Loughrey dropped a bombshell on us with her visuals for her latest single “Rise Up.”

The visuals are the perfect pair to such a powerful song. There is no way to really describe the visuals but simply as an inspiring call to action, and it’s great.

The Breakdown

Opening with an acoustic guitar as images and videos taken from all over the world are being circulated on screen, you don’t really know what to expect from this track.

As the song goes on you notice that there are strategically placed clips of video that pair up perfectly with the words on the track, creating more meaning.

“Ever been a part of something so right that it feels wrong,” can we just take a second to appreciate how much depth lies in just a few words? This line was paired with footage of women standing together in protest which is such a powerful sight to see. This could be further unpacked and juxtaposed to the things that are happening in our country today.

So many people have joined this “black lives matter” movement and are being criticized for it, which is a true representation of what the artist is saying in just this one statement.

You could also take the scale down to something so much smaller like love. Sometimes love can be so right that it feels wrong too. At the end of the day, it is all up to interpretation, like most art forms.

The artist is saying so much in such little words like, “do you really want to live before you die” you can’t tell me that didn’t just go over your head at first glance (or maybe it’s just me). This girl truly has a way with words. I wish I had enough time to unpack every gem that she has thrown at us with this song. She is speaking such truth but don’t just take my word for it check it out for yourself.


Emotions Running

The visuals alone, evoke so much emotion. I honestly had to watch this video on silent just so that I could feel every emotion that was intended for this strategically picked and placed set of clips. Running between joy, awe, solidarity, curiosity, sadness, and frustration all in just 3 minutes and fifty-nine seconds was just so heavy. But art is supposed to make you feel something right?

Rise Up?

Mrs. Loughrey is challenging us all to challenge the state that we are in as a human race in the most beautifully subtle way. Through her song, she wants to encourage us all to stop living a life of complacency. The #RiseUpMovement seeks to share the courageous stories of men and women who are proactively making a difference in their communities and ultimately the world. It attempts to encourage other people to #RiseUp along with them. This movement wants to remind us as a people that we can do ANYTHING as long as we work together and when we make LOVE our theme and PEACE our goal.

Liz Loughrey is actually setting up Rise Up Workshops across the country so that she can talk to youth as well as get stories to share about people acting in love to make a difference. You can submit your own story through the use of #RiseUpMovement on social media. Also follow Liz on Instagram and Twitter for more information.

Remember To Rise Up every day, because this is the only life we have.

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