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01 - 19 - 2017

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2017 just begun, but in Hip-Hop that means nothing as new rappers hit the scene, and Atlanta continues to breed raw talent.

Cellus Hamilton is one of those talents. With two parents encouraging him to follow his dreams, he took a chance and moved from Atlanta to New York, and it is paying off.

Videos for his songs such as “Higher and Mojo” averaging a combined 90,000 views, it’s only a matter of time before his hard work lands him the respect and attention he is craving.

At first glance, he has a Lupe Fiasco flow and Kendrick Lamar inspired persona. His music is something you not only vibe too, but artistically he has his own sound, R&B mixed with Rap and little Pop.

Cellus Hamilton got his start rapping on subway trains throughout New York and impressing crowds at open mic events.

Larger crowds and critical acclaim await him as he is on his way there.

Hamilton is a unique artist. He has his own kind of style, almost indie like, but it serves him well and keeps him cultivating a fanbase.

The video accompanies the song well, showing that his dreams are in fact coming true, and when he says” My time comes around, never blow it”, he in fact is living up to his words.

Cellus Hamilton is indeed a diamond in the rough, but he is well on his way to shining. If his music is any indication, his shine is coming very soon.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all