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02 - 21 - 2017




Charles Nimbus’ new track, Light Pillar is a glowing addition to his exotic and electronic songs. The instrumental piece is a combination of soft sounds and edgy beats. Light Pillar begins with an intriguing opening until the main instruments begin to play. The hit was released 17 days ago and is now recognized largely.

Other hits by Nimbus include Superstructure, Chorus Howl, Raptor, and Hit the Pipe. These electronic tunes are all a combination of unique sounds and original tunes.

The superstructure was another new song, with an old-school/ electronic vibe. Hit the Pipe is an older song of Nimbus’, being released 8 months ago, that gained popularity quickly. This upbeat and mystical song contains R&B and electronic elements, creating a creative and robotic sound. Hit the Pipe was only the beginning of Charles Nimbus’ popularity, as he started to create more admirable music from then on. Finally, Blackout w/ Manatee is a hit by Nimbus that is his oldest song on the SoundCloud site. This Hip Hop song combines rap vocals and heavy beats, forming an upbeat and unique piece.

Charles Nimbus’ music can be found on SoundCloud and other sites. Here you will find the songs listed above and information on them. Light Pillar is just one of many great songs you will find on his SoundCloud profile. This new tune differs largely from Nimbus’ older and heavier songs. You will find that Nimbus uses a variety of genres to create his original work. He not only used electronic elements to create Light Pillar but a variety of experimental and pop elements. Check out Light Pillar on SoundCloud, along with Charles Nimbus’ other hits. His interesting songs take on a modern and eclectic vibe. You’ll find that his music is unlike most artists, yet uses popular genre elements.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all