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12 - 02 - 2016

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After shielding his appearance from the music scene for almost 2 years, Childish Gambino is finally back with the release of his forthcoming album “Awaken, My Love”. Gambino has been working hard this year, with music and the release of his acclaimed TV Series “Atlanta”.

Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover is a name we’re all too familiar with. Whether its writing television series, or making a vivid album, Gambino can easily be named one of the most well-rounded and inspirational artists out there. Gambino has a way of transcending different and unique vibes through his music. His second studio album “Because The Internet” created mass appeal . Now, Gambino enhances our audio experience yet again with “Awaken, My Love“.

Gambino teased his fans by streaming his album via Apple Music Radio. Of course, everyone remains on edge until they can finally get their hands on the album.  Needless to say, “Awaken, My Love” was well worth the wait. From beginning to end, this project is nothing but phenomenal. “Awaken, My Love” is a shift from his last project. This time around, we hear a more Con Funk Shun inspired sound throughout.

img_6420“Me and Your Mama” became the first single to be released from the album. At first, it feeds off a mysterious vibe, infused with eerie tones and bass. Soon after, we delve into a more Prince sound, with Gambino merely yelling. The second single “Redbone” is a funky love story about how Gambino suspects his girlfriend is cheating on him.

With the help of artist Kari Faux, the two teamed up for “Zombies”. This piece touches base with police brutality, giving the image of police force being zombies. We delve more into a Stevie Wonder and Bootsy Collins infused sound with ninth track “Baby Boy”. Wrapping up the project, Gambino delivers the inspiring “Stand Tall” track. Gambino croons over piano keys and a background choir. “Keep all your dreams, keep standing tall/ If you are strong you cannot fall” the chorus says. Halfway through the track, it shifts into a more medium tempo, giving off a sense of freedom. What better feeling and way to end a production?


We can get a sense that the multi talented artist is in some sort of pain. His songs echo emotions of heartbreak and release. Gambino is always challenging the focus of his listeners. He wants them to experience more than the “classical” sound of what the world deems as rap. Musically, this project is a rebirth of funk, and soul, with a modern twist. Among other great things, Gambino announced that he will be releasing a virtual reality app. This features a vivid live performance of “Me and Your Mama” and Gambino’s PHAROS event from September. Go check out the free app here.

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Awaken, My Love” below.

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