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11 - 21 - 2016

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Who is Chris Scholar?

Chris Scholar is the shining artist who will change the hip-hop music industry for a lifetime! The entertainment world has been itching for something unique that is unlike anything on the radio. This Virginia hip-hop/R&B musician has stolen that spot!

As Chris grew up as a child in Virginia, so did his natural ear for music. This art is more than just a talent or a career for Chris Scholar. Music is a part of who he is. It is his purpose as he explains, “I think it just lives in me. I think it’s just something natural because I can’t go a day without singing, without dancing, without writing.”

Chris Scholar has perfected his gift of music within the past ten years. He has created an entire movement with his music. When Chris performs he delivers an unforgettable experience to his fans that goes beyond a musical performance. Using a combination of his captivating music, passionate dancing, and bold personality, Chris allows his fans to feel the emotions behind his music and to connect to him on a sincere level.


What Sets Chris Scholar Apart?

The ability to physically express his passionate music though original hip-hop dancing puts Chris Scholar on a new level. This inspiring artist creates a variety of sensual and hard R&B tracks that have a taste of “old school” hip-hop in them. Chris Scholar likes to keep his music true to who he is, which is why he has been so successful as an artist.

Being a true artist starts with the person inside the artist. Chris Scholar appreciates all of his fans, friends, and people who believe in him. He expresses this through his music and through his enthusiasm to speak to his fans.

Chris Scholar has recently dropped his latest mix-tape “Who is Chris Scholar”! Check out his top hit below, “Moved To L.A.”. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases and performances!


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