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06 - 22 - 2016

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Rising star Christina Grimmie lost her life suddenly and violently on June 11.

According to a broadcast by ABC News, reports of the 22 year old singer’s death were “lost in the barrage of other violent headlines” these past few weeks.

But Christina Grimmie’s tragic loss continues to weigh heavily on the hearts of her family, friends, and devoted fans the world over.

“There was no reason for what happened to her,” said Bradley Costas, a 23 year old fan from Austin, Texas.

Costas followed Grimmie’s music career since her early YouTube days, and he said he’s sorry he will now never know where she was headed.

“She was so talented. She would’ve done so many great things,” Costas said. “I can’t believe this happened. There are just no words.”

But Grimmie’s fellow YouTuber Tyler Ward has found the words.

Ward, who worked with Grimmie and considered her a close friend, just released a new music video dedicated to her.

“A Song for Christina Grimmie” is a pure and heartfelt piece of music.

Ward recorded this song in a single take, performing in the moment and allowing fans to witness and share in his mourning. 

The lyrics are bittersweet. They offer a glimpse into happier moments of Ward’s friendship with Grimmie, but also fully display the pain of those moments coming to an end.

Ward breaks down toward the end of the performance. He struggled through to the finish with a conviction fans in the comments claimed Grimmie would admire and appreciate.

It’s a moving rendition of a well written song. It’s a simple, light acoustic piece. Just Ward and his guitar.

“A Song for Christina Grimmie” is a softer midtempo number. It’s just upbeat enough to remind listeners of Christina’s bright and bubbly nature, without ever losing that air of remembrance and heartache.

Fans like Costas who were otherwise unable to express their emotions have found comfort in Ward’s video. I believe YouTube commenter, Libertycomeback, put it best when they said:

“Even a few days after this tragedy, I didn’t know where to find the words… But Tyler, even if you may not see my comment, I hope you know deep down we’re all with you. Your tribute is wonderful and painful because tears are real, pain is real, love is real. And we feel the same. Even if we didn’t know Christina, we love her with all our little anonymous hearts. Because through her music, she brought happiness and comfort. And you are a little piece of gold, too. So I want to say thank you for that moment you shared with us. That was brave and heartbreaking and it also gave me hope. Thank you Tyler.”

At the conclusion of his video, Ward linked to a separate YouTube post entitled “Remembering Christina Grimmie,” where he shared video clips and spoken memories of his dearly departed friend.

A true talent was stolen from the music industry, but the world lost someone who, according to Ward, was an amazing human being.

“I was blessed to know her,” Ward said in the description of his song for Christina. “Our friendship felt more like family.”

That statement comes across perfectly throughout “A Song for Christina Grimmie.” But more than that, it was evident every moment the two artists spent on screen together.


Rest in Peace, Christina Grimmie. You are and will forever be missed.

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