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07 - 29 - 2016

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Hailing from Brooklyn, King Courtnie debuted her new single “Heart’s Desire” early  this week. After the release of her 3 part EP Nebula, the songstress is back with another hit.

Courtnie isn’t just your regular R&B artist. Courntie gives homage to Chicago, and St. Louis. However, Brooklyn is what she calls “home”.  This rising star is also fairly new, but has way more to deliver. She has found a way to provide a sound filled with old soul mixed with modern sound. Something few R&B artists hold onto today.

She started her journey for music while she was growing up in the church. Surprisingly, she didn’t begin writing until she met her friend, and producer, Brandon Combs in college.  With a new found talent, she has taken her gift and used it to the best of her ability.


photo cred: Kwynn Butts

“Hearts Desire” has a classic R&B feel, in unison with the poetic lyrics delivered by King Courtnie. The track tells a story about a girl delivering her  heart to one that she desires. ” I want to hand you your heart’s desire” Courtnie says, expressing how her lover has affected her feelings. “Let me be you rhythm” is another deep lyric that’s embedded in the song, along with other swooning metaphors and expressions.

For Corntnie, this is only the beginning. She has proven that she will conquer whatever is in her way, and craft the soul she prevails. This is just a sneak peak to what’s expected to come in a month. There is word that the songstress is going to release another project. Be sure to keep up with more from Courtnie on her Facebook, Instagram, and her Soundcloud. Don’t forget listen to “Heart’s Desire” above.

Cover Art by Morgan Johnson.

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