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10 - 24 - 2016

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CRSLYRC “Criss Lyric” is a new artist with a mouthful to say and lyrics to serve. Listen as he gives us a glimpse into his world on his latest project “YELLOBRIXX”.

With production by ZVLU, The Connecticut native creates a musical landscape in which he reigns supreme. CRSLYRC is a Connecticut hip-hop artist who has been crafting his sound since 2010. Over the 6ears he has collaborated with notable artists such as Nickelus F and Chuuwee, as well as performing in renowned venues like The Middle East in Boston, Toad’s Place and Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

Slopes, gives off a Travis Scott inspired feel, hard bars over a low-key trap vibe and piano influence. “I took a tab of acid, puffin with the magic dragon.” Slopes is a great introduction for YelloBrixx, sets a prideful welcome.

Second track “Kansas” is a more truthful record. With jazzy interpolations mixed with a trap influence, the beat makes way for CRSLYRC to get in heavy with the rhymes. The hook sings “Hell nah we not in Kansas, for the bands I’m a bandit.” 


CRSLYRC brings a new sound for Connecticut. To me it sounds like a great mix between Atlanta Trap and Toronto Steez with Connecticut infused sounds and rhymes.

The EP only contains 4 songs which is enough for the versatile artist to show his many sides. 

CRSLYRC is a true talent who balances his melodies and lyrics at an astounding rate. On some tracks he spits great bars and on others you hear him getting his Kanye and Travis Scott on with his vocals. 

“Show and Prove” shows off CRSLYRC talent the best out of the 4 tracks. It makes sense he ended the YelloBrixx EP with this song. It’s a great outro that leaves you wanting to hear more from the emerging artist.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all